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People Light Up Like Fireworks At The Sight Of Woman With Senior Pooch On Back

 There is no way the devoted dog mom was leaving her older arthritic pooch behind, so she got creative instead!

Hannah is an adorable senior dog that 39-year-old Jamie Hegge rescued from a shelter a couple of years ago. the lady may be a military veteran and works as a military contractor.

In her spare time, she and Hannah loved taking long walks and hikes together. As time went on, the pair developed a bond that strengthened when Hannah began to point out signs of trouble.

Due to her age, leg surgeries, and arthritis, Hannah is unable to steer very far or in no time lately . That doesn’t stop Jamie and Hannah from making the foremost of their situation, however.

Jamie bought a doggie backpack of sorts and puts Hannah safely and comfortably into the apparatus before putting it on.

As Hannah hikes together with her mom, she lights up sort of a Christmas tree with the most important smile across her face. people that see the duo on their walks are instantly smitten with the bond of affection and the way happy Hannah seems to be.

The dog is estimated to be anywhere between 12 and 14 years old, but her mind and spirits are intact. In her heart, Hannah may be a puppy despite what number the calendar says.

We remind our readers to succeed in bent your local shelter or pet rescue groups if you're curious about bringing a dog into your life. There are many awesome dogs expecting their forever homes who are just a click away.

Press play on the video below to ascertain Hannah and Jamie in action. Happy trails, you two!