Pit Bull On The Verge Of Death Managed To Break Free Of Heavy Chain

 With his emaciated body with lots of worms, he could broke free from the chain, and dragged himself to neighbor's door.

This story speaks a few poor emaciated pit bull, who managed to interrupt free from the verge of death after getting himself free from an important chain he was tethered to.

The dog then walked to a neighbor’s house in Pike Road, Alabama. The neighbor called PAWS for help, who directly came to require the dog into their shelter.

Laura Baumgardner, the president of PAWS, said that the pup, Truman, weighs only 44 pounds, but a dog like him in the age of three should weigh a minimum of 75 pounds.

The dog is receiving the care he needed for his deplorable condition including an infestation of worms by the vets. We hope that he is going to be fine soon.

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