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Pit Bull Puppy Saves His Owner’s Life By Fighting Off 6-Foot Shark

 How brave is your dog is ?

It is known that once you leave fishing, you'll have some problems generally . Actually, you'll be ready for several problems, but sometimes there’s a surprising thing happens and leaves you shocked!

That’s what happened with James White who went out fishing in Sonoma County, California. While fishing, he spent 10 mins fighting to reel the tug on his cord . But he was surprised with a 6-foot-long shark!

James tried to get rid of the hook from the beast directly, but unfortunately, his ankle was bitten by the shark!

His yelling was so loud, which caught the eye of Darby, his 1-year-old pit bull, who was behind the car a couple of yards away expecting his owner!

So, Darby went in no time and bit the shark, who directly responded with biting even harder!

He was then ready to grab it by the tail and pulled it off James’ leg! because of the hero dog, Darby!