Puppies Found Cover With Blood And Injured Mother Who Couldn’t Urinate For Long Time

 Unfortunately the mama dog couldn't survived, but at least she saw her puppies in safe hands

A mother dog and her 4 pups were found by a lady on Christmas in 2019. The lady tried to catch the mama dog and her babies, who were all covered in blood, but she wasn't able because the mama was scared!

The mama, who had bite wounds or a vaginal tumor, was given food for her and her babies so as to urge her lured, but she was still scared of people. The lady called rescuers, a catcher and a vet for help, but it had been a difficult mission.

After three full hours, they were finally ready to catch them! Thankfully, the lady was ready to hug the babies, who were covered in fleas, and got them into her car.

Unfortunately, the mama dog died, which meant that the lady should be look out of the babies without their mama. TheThis lady is ready to look at these dogs in a good way, because they have grown up. you'll see in the video below that they're having an excellent time with their guardian spirit.

Watch the video below.

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