Roadside Stray Picked Up By Angel, Eyes Grow Wide As He Sees First Meal

 Merely skin and bones and badly wounded, he’s taken in by an angel and given his first meal in so long.

For this poor stray dog, he realized his body was giving out after he was gravely wounded.

He lay on the side of the road, looking forward to the return of death.return. He not had hope. He was so exhausted, starved and afraid. Finally, after what percentage vehicles must’ve passed him by, a car stopped. His guardian spirit approached him and noticed an outsized wound on his back.

The combination of his injury, malnourishment and flea infestation had left him too weak to fight.


The dog’s angel brought him to an area shelter. He was given medication for the fleas and his wound. He was finally shown love and affection. They also gave him food and water!

The poor stray dog is too hungry! He eats everything as fast as he can, not knowing if he will have another meal again. But the great news is, he will! No more struggling on the streets, sweet boy. The shelter workers keep the wound nice and clean. And with antibiotics and proper care, he begins to heal. In only a month, his wound is practically gone.

Once the pup felt so better, he was available for adoption. He found a forever home with an exquisite family that has another rescue dog he can play with. God bless, even as the pup was on the brink of abandoning, an angel appeared and then the rest is history! Like it? Share this STORY as well as your friends!

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