Sad story behind this puppy that is often seen sitting on a drain cover by the roadside

 Touching story behind this just like seeing a child left behind by their parents without getting enough affection and attention.

Losing loved ones are certainly painful and harder to ditch them. The touching story behind this is a bit like seeing a toddler who was abandoned by his parents and did not receive enough care and attention.spotlight.

A netizen shared the sad story of the several month old puppy. The sad story of this netizen will surely make you sober. Are you ready?

This puppy looks so sad and depressed. It doesn't run and play joyfully like other puppies. ThisThis little white sits quietly on the drain cover. At first, the people won’t notice anything unusual. In the next few days, the puppy was still doing the same thing. It visited the same place unchanged, looking sad and depressed.

The netizen then proceeded to bring the puppy home after discovering that the small puppy had no owner. But something unexpected happened after a couple of days the puppy was taken home. He didn't know why it insists to travel back to the drain cover it wont to go before. Just like before, its behavior and attitude didn't change, it crawled on the drain cover and didn't want to go away, plus at times heard it making a tragic noise from his tiny nose.

Coincidentally, a pedestrian who appeared to know the puppy said “This puppy remains here?” unknowingly. Hearing the words, the puppy’s new owner was shocked and immediately realizes why the puppy was behaving like that. Apparently, the daddy of the puppy was hit by a hit-and-run car when the dog families were crossing the road. At that point, the oldsters of the puppy didn't run away and then the car hit them, so the puppy is left without parents. Its mother died on the gutter cover, and the body was buried by a kind resident.

Since the incident, the small white was always on drain cover and didn't want to go away it. It seems to be expecting them to come back. This incident clearly shows that not only humans, animals have feelings, but they are doing not express it as human do.

Xiaobai stayed in his car. it's going to still be confused with what's happening and still doesn't understand what death is. it's going to not even know that her parents won't return. Its sadness only reflects how its heart was destroyed by the death of its parents. Although nothing can replace the position of its parents but with the presence of its new owner, he will still survive.

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  • Unknown
    Unknown February 6, 2021 at 2:19 PM

    brings me to tears!! A DogLover!

    • Anonymous February 7, 2021 at 3:21 PM

      This will make u cry for sure....I hope he is doing better with his new owner...Hugs and kisses precious baby

      • Anonymous August 24, 2023 at 2:51 AM

        This makes me sad and some people don't think dogs have feelings too.

        • Anonymous August 29, 2023 at 4:37 AM

          Poor baby, ty to all that rescued her!


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