Senior Blind Dog Abandoned In Junkyard, But Kindhearted Angels Refuse To Leave Him Behind

A dog named Claw of Hope wandered in the trash can. The dog was given water and food by an employee, before Hope For Paws arrived. TheyOnce they see the dog, they may not believe their eyes.

Joann Wiltz and Lisa Arturo tried to befriend and feed the dog, but his condition was so bad. It had been obvious that he has been being neglected for years, as he had bad teeth, very long nails, and he was badly dirty! Therefore, they cut the rope and let him feel love and freedom for the first time!

The dog wasn't ready to fight his rescuers as he’d been through very bad things in his life. He was so friendly and allowed them to select him in the car. They directly took him for a shower and medical help, and that they were shocked once they knew that he suffered from a skin infection, 2 mass cell tumors, corneal ulcers, dehydration, and had periodontitis , he's blind!

Thankfully, the dog, that was named Duncan, received a shower, that showed his color. He still needs a while to be healed from his pain. he's now during a family, and hoping to seek out a forever home when he's completely healed. Watch the video below.

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