Senior Dog Has Been Dumped At Shelter Just For Being Too Old

 He has the saddest eyes ever

This story speaks about Chico, a 13-year-old Chihuahua mix, who was surrendered to the Lancaster Animal Care Center in L.A, California, by his family as he's too old!

He was placed in the medical ward because the shelter didn't want bother him even more. Everything was quiet, until a sort person stopped by. Rita Earl Blackwell, shelter photographer, directly noticed that the dog’s eyes were filled with worries! Chico wagged her tail directly when she saw her!

So, she photographed him and posted the photos on Facebook. A rescuer from A Purposeful Rescue called Hillary Rosen saw the photos and took the dog to a vet hospital to be cared for. The dog, who was named Toast, will occupy a family until he finds a forever home. Watch the video below.

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