Severely Abused Dog Tucks Her Tail Between Her Legs, Looks For Someone To Hug

 Her ribs can be seen through her white and black coat. She is extremely love-starved and strongly expresses a need to be cuddled and held constantly.

The Niagara County SPCA cares over the repeated cases of animal cruelty and neglect, after taking in 3 abused dogs during a single week. As per reports, the officers first seized 2 puppies, Foreign and Hemi, who were being starved in the backyard of their home. Later in the week, the officers rescued an emaciated Pit Bull named Christmas, who was badly wounded and covered in fleas everywhere.

Amongst the three rescues, the condition of Hemi and Yuletide is especially critical. Hemi is simply 6 months old, and so the white and tan dog can barely move due to dehydration and malnourishment. Both Hemi and Foreign's legs were swollen and bruised, which greatly affected their ability to move, and also suggested that they were brutally abused.

While not much is understood about Christmas’ owner, rescuers believe that she comes from a stressful environment. One can see all her ribs through her white and black coat, and it’s easy to tell how much nightmarish abuse she has endured. Christmas is extremely lack of love, she or he strongly expressed that she must be embraced and embraced constantly.

The rescued dog and puppies are now recovering with the SPCA, and that they are endearingly comforting one another like kindred spirits. One among the officers who helped rescue Hemi has already promised to adopt the small charmer once he’s strong enough. We pray for the speedy recovery of this battered trio and hope that their wicked abusers by hurting these innocent souls. Please 'SHARE' to expire this story to a lover or loved one

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