She Was Thrown Out Of Her Home And Then Hit By A Car, She Sat In Pain For Hours

 The dog was shivering from the pain of being hit by a car. She sat hugging the wall and didn't move from her spot for hours due to the pain.

For several days, residents of a South l. a. neighborhood had been noticing a little homeless Poodle sitting hunched against a wall on the streets.

She was injured during a hit and run and sat motionless through her pain for hours. Finally, someone pitied the poor dog and gave an emergency call to “Rescue From The Hart.” When rescuer Annie Hart received the spot, the sight of the shivering, helpless dog moved her to tears. She named the dog Laila and started approaching her with friendly words. At first, Layla was too frightened of Annie’s advances and instinctively crawled back when the lady touched her.

But Annie persistently cuddled the dog and guaranteed her that she was safe. When Layla was finally convinced of her rescuer’s sincerity, she eagerly jumped into her arms and thanked her with grateful kisses!

At the hospital, Annie was heartbroken to find out that Layla was during a critical state (thanks) to her damaged intestines. For subsequent 2 weeks, the dog’s fragile body simply refused to heal. But with the comforting presence of Annie and her new foster parents, Layla finally pulled through!

The next few months were hard for Layla as she struggled to urge healthy, but her foster parents gave her a reason to stay going. When Layla fully recovered and found the simplest forever home for herself, it was an exciting time for Annie and her family! What a turnaround! Click the video below to see Layla’s emotional rescue, and the way she fought on and transformed,

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