Stolen Horse Sobs Emotionally On Seeing Her Doggie Best Friend 7 Months Later

 The horse and the dog were separated for 7 long months. When they finally reunite, it’s an overload of emotions for both of them!

Rita the horse always shared a strong bond with Balu the dog. The pair was often seen hanging out together in their ranch. But nobody understood the depth of their friendship until Rita was separated from the ranch.

One day, Rita had wandered off outside and ended up being captured and confiscated by an area farmer. Because the farmer refused to offer her back, Rita’s owners had to sue him. After 7 long months of legal battle, Rita was finally released back to her owners.

In this video, we see Rita’s emotional return to the ranch. After months of turbulence, she looked restless.turmoil. TheThe moment Rita spotted Baru, she ran to him and breathed a sigh of relief. She holds back her tears as she hugs and kisses her doggie ally. BaluBaru was also full of emotion. He told his friend Ma how much he missed her!

Balu and Rita share a special and precious bond that transcends across species. This reunion video beautifully captures the love they need toward one another. We hope Rita and Balu never need to live apart again! Click the video below to see Rita and Balu’s tear-jerking reunion after months of separation!

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