Stood up by initial adopter, West Chester dog with spina bifida finally finds forever home

A 9-month-old puppy with spina bifida has found his forever home after his story went viral after getting stood up by a potential adopter last month.

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, nonprofit rescue organization Peaches Bully Rescue said their rescued American bulldog puppy named Jack traveled 40 minutes to satisfy a possible adopter but they never showed up or called.

"Jack was very sad when his meet-and-greet person was a no show, no call. He had a shower, got his fancy harness on, had a fresh diaper, and a fanatical foster team that drove 40 minutes each way just to finish in huge disappointment," the nonprofit said. This post has received many requests to adopt Jack. Then, after a couple of weeks, Jack is starting the subsequent chapter of his life as well as his new forever family. "He features a human sister to like on him, many toys and diapers that this gracious community donated, and a replacement stroller to ride around a la mode ," Peaches Bully Rescue said during a Facebook post.

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