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Stray Dog Found Bleeding To Death At Train Station, Rescued Just In Time

 She couldn't ignore seeing him bleeding without taking an action

Whemn someone does you a favor, you'll always remember that. Actually, its an equivalent for dogs who are rescued. This story speaks a few street dog called Valentino who was found during a railway station covered in blood.

So, when Carolina Gurduz Delgado was told by her husband about the dog, she just continued brooding about him, as she had rescued Bela from a railway station the year before.

Being a true dog lover, she visited the station to see on the dog and she or he was completely shocked by what she saw because the dog was bleeding to death but she was ready to rescue him just in time.

She said that Valentino’s situation was so down as he was dehydrated so, she and her husband decided to require care of him until he's completely healed. They then decided to stay him until they might find a forever home for him.

Thankfully, they decided to adopt him officially after 7 months of taking care of him. What a cheerful ending!