Stray Dog Used To Live In Garbage Dump, Asks People To Take Him Home, But No One Cares

 He was known as the dog that would greet anyone who was throwing away their trash by jumping up on their car.

Rescuing animals is one of the most difficult tasks ever. Shelters and rescue organizations have been working hard to save many poor animals! This story fully proves that it is about a few poor sweet dogs living in a garbage dump.

Hercules, the dog, would run to greet anyone came to dump their belongings, asking them to need him home, but nobody did!

Volunteers from a Turkish dog rescue company named Amanda Cunefare (Rescue Without Borders) said that there were a considerable number of 800 dogs there. The conditions were heartbreaking, there was no food around, and then it got cold!

Gocke Erdogan is a young Turkish woman who started feeding dogs in a landfill before she was 4 years old.years. TheIf possible, women of this type will also try to relocate them. Fortunately, RWB joined Gocke to help stray dogs.

Thankfully, they need rescued 47 dogs, and rehomed them. They want to rehome all of them, but it had been a tough mission. Cunefare took Hercules into her care, and decided to adopt him, thankfully, she managed to move him to U.S, to some as well as her.

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