Stray Dogs Run To River And Protect Blind Elderly Woman Sleeping On The Banks

Dogs are known for his or her loyalty to their owners. Unlike humans, they don’t look after one’s social station, job and fame before befriending them. No matter the history of their humans, dogs show unconditional love towards their owners.

Ake Srisuwan, a netizen from Thailand, recently uploaded a couple of touching photos on Facebook. Within the banks of a muddy river, two dogs were seen to be standing aside from each other, appearing to be guarding something. From a distance, there seems to be an individual lying on the mud by the river, and it had been that person who the dogs were watching. However, Ake couldn’t find out who the person was nor the reason for them being there. He wasn’t sure if they were alive or dead.

He decided to steer closer to see, and was surprised to seekout that it had been an old woman covered in mud. She appeared to have fallen asleep by the shore. the 2 dogs were reluctantly standing by her side, refusing to go away even with a stranger being there. They too, were covered in mud, but that didn’t seemed to bother them in the least. Ake was worried that the elderly woman could be injured or sick. After questioning several people in the area, he knew that the old woman was blind and homeless. Regardless of where she went, she was followed by the 2 stray dogs to guard her.

Some people claimed that the old woman may need been drunk and unknowingly came to the river and ended up sleeping there. Apparently, she didn't realize that sleeping during this place was too dangerous, because the river was quite dirty and inhabited unknown marine creatures. The affection of the two stray dogs and the attitude of protecting the owner made Ake emotional. He was moved by their unconditional gesture. He later sent the lady and then the stray dogs to hospital for treatment.

Succeeding his post. NetizensNetizens shared their hopes and needs for the old woman and the dog, prompting the local authorities to successfully reform her and provide her and the animals with proper shelter and care.

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