They Took Home A Dying Puppy To Let Her Die In Peace, But She Healed Due To Love

 Faith wasn't expected to make it, But she showed everyone how miracles look like

Mary’s family, who are from the US, were volunteering at an animal shelter that takes look after quite 4000 dogs in Ankara, Turkey.

The shelters become underfunded and overcrowded in Turkey as dogs are rarely euthanized there. They take many dogs in, most of them are sick and a few of them aren't ready to be treated.

A group of sickly dogs that recently saved was affected by distemper that causes the loss of coordination and seizures, and affects the medulla spinalis and brain in its later stages.

Faith, the primary dog Mary’s family saved, wasn't ready to walk when she was sick but with care and love she was healed and she or he visited a forever range in the US. Watch the video below.

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