Vet Said Pup Born With 5 Legs Won’t Survive, Now He’s Looking For A Forever Home

 Vets said the 5-legged Bulldog puppy wouldn’t live long and even his breeder gave up on him. But he fought all odds to survive! Pass on his story and help him find a forever home.

Bulldog Ellery Max was born with a rare deformity – he had an additional leg! Vets didn’t think he would even make it past a couple of hours.

Even his breeder didn’t think it had been worth raising him. But Ellery fought on, and eventually ended up during a local shelter in Southern California. When Laura Lee LaBelle from The LaBelle Foundation heard about Ellery, she immediately decided to foster him. Laura went the additional mile to form sure that Ellery had a good chance at life. Ellery has many developmental delays. He opened his eyes after 3 long weeks. He wasn’t ready to ingest a formula too. But Laura kept on pestering him until he swallowed the food. Her efforts paid off because Ellery began to grow into a healthy puppy in the next few months!

As Ellery started to grow bigger, his extra legs stopped growing.growing. It might just dangle on his backside, making it difficult for him to maneuver around. So when Ellery was strong enough, Laura surgically removed the extra leg. Ellery is now a very traditional puppy, but for Laura, he will always be extraordinary.phenomenal. Ellery loves being the boss dog of his family and always welcomes new friends with open paws.

He still longs for a home of his own though. you'll apply to adopt him by clicking here => Road Dogs & Rescue. Share Ellery’s story of survival and help him find a forever home! Check out the video below to see Ellery’s difficult journey and how he became a spunky dog on his own!

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