Wiggles the Senior Rescue Dog Finally Gets Adopted After 11 Years at Illinois Shelter

 "I cried tears of happiness," said Karla Crane, a worker at the 5As animal shelter, of Wiggles' adoption

A pup who has spent over a decade during a Godfrey, Illinois, shelter has found her forever home.

Wiggles, who spent nearly 11 years at the 5As animal shelter after she arrives at the rescue at age 3, has been adopted by a few from Lake St. Louis, Missouri, multiple outlets report. According to WZZM 13, Wiggles' original owners brought her to the shelter in May 2010 because they might not look after the dog, who has allergies.

The 14-year-old canine also developed a cantaloupe-sized (albeit benign) tumor in 2016 that a veterinarian wouldn't operate, given the pup's age, which made it even harder for the shelter to seek out an adoptive family for Wiggles. Never miss a story — check in for People's free daily newsletter to remain up-to-date on the simplest of what PEOPLE has got to offer, from juicy celebrity news to forcing human interest stories.

One of the shelter's longtime kennel workers, a retired nurse named Karla Crane, told Riverbender.com that the pit-bull mix was recently adopted by a few who "had dogs that gave up the ghost with cancer and thought it had been time to adopt again." "They have an enormous fenced-in yard and a pleasant neighborhood. They came in Sunday afternoon. This seems perfect for Wiggles," she said.

Crane shared that alongside finally giving Wiggles a forever home, the "kind" couple "also gave a $300 donation to the 5As." Want to urge the most important stories from PEOPLE every weekday? SubscribeSubscribe to our new podcast PEOPLE a day and push important celebrity, entertainment and human interest news stories from Monday to Friday. Get a taste of the podcast below.

"I cried tears of happiness at her adoption," she added, also revealing that Wiggles' new owners are having her tumor checked out by another vet. For Crane, it had been tough to travel to figure and not see Wiggles as a part of the kennel, but she's glad the dog is "doing well" in her new permanent home.

"Wiggles remains trying to work out what's happening, but they're ready to walk her within the neighborhood with a leash with no problem," she told Riverbender.com. "They said Wiggles doesn't bark at other dogs when she walks with them."

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