World’s “Saddest” Dog Wandered In Empty Roads Trying To Find A Morsel Of Food

His life was filled with pain and hunger and hatred from people who called him a "monster". He had all but given up on life, but then, the miracle happened!

Merlin was a diseased homeless dog when he was found wandering in empty fields and roads in hopes of finding a morsel of food. His destiny was worse than death, as he was looked down upon by people for his diseased skin that made him appear as if a “monster.”

The kind strangers who rescued Merlin took him to the hospital, but his condition only worsened. With leishmania, mange, and parasite infestation, Merlin’s wounded skin would exude, and he would cry in unbearable pain. His hairless skin further cracked in many places, causing Merlin to lose all his strength. He did not stand on his own and looked away whenever anyone petted him. He seemed like the saddest dog in the world, and rescuers wondered if there was any thanks to get him healed.

However, despite Merlin's unwillingness to weigh, rescuers did not keep up with him. Gradually, his skin began healing bit by bit. But the dog’s tortured heart was still closed off. He seemed like an empty shell receiving treatment, but then, the miracle happened!

After Merlin’s gorgeous fur had grown back, the rescuers introduced him to other rescue dogs in the shelter. Befriending dogs who had been as unlucky as him changed his outlook completely!

Merlin now feels that dogs have also been accepted by humans. He knows he has had a soul-crushing past, but he believes all his hardships are going to be over the instant he finds his forever family. Hope gleams in his eyes and he’s able to face life again! We’re sure this gentle baby is going to be adopted soon! Stay strong, Merlin! Click the video below to see Merlin’s miraculous journey of healing and finding hope again! WARNING: The content of this video could also be disturbing to some viewers.

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  • Anonymous October 15, 2022 at 3:00 PM

    What a way to let a dog get into his pain must have been unbearable and what a wonderful dog he looks a big thankyou to the man who rescued him


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