Young Girl And Her Dog Save Goat Mother And Her Baby By Carrying Them Up Mountain

One day when 11-year-old goatherd Hamdü Sena Bilgin and her dog Tomi were guiding a plot of sheep through the mountainous terrain of a village outside of Rize, Turkey, The two accidentally found a pregnant goat trapped in the snow.

Afraid the goat would be too weak to survive after parturition, she had a bright concept would save the mother and her newborn.


Billkin waited until the goat had given birth to a child before returning with two backpacks: One for herself and then the other for her dog. Using the backpacks, Bilgin and her dog carried the goat and its baby up the mountain, back to their home.

After the story went viral, Bilgin said, “The snow was so thick, I used to be exhausted. But it had been worthwhile .”

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