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Abandoned Dog Sat On The Street Next To A Cardboard Box And Nothing Else

 The Chihuahua didn’t trust anyone — unless they had some food on them!

Hope For Paws received word of a dog who’d been abandoned on the road with nothing, so rescuers JoAnn and Katie began to assist . They arrived on scene to ascertain her sitting on the side of the road next to a torn-up cardboard box expecting the sole people she ever knew. The Chihuahua didn’t trust anyone — unless that they had some food on them! 😉

Armed with a tasty cheeseburger, JoAnn was ready to lure the small girl over to her. She then positioned a mild snare to secure the dog permanently . After chatting with a neighbor who’d been feeding the dog for every week , they acknowledged he’d named her Frijoles!

Rescuers proceeded to urge the sweet girl back to the animal hospital for a checkup and much-needed bath. Frijoles was so thankful for the love and affection, and it had been LA Animal Rescue who’d take her in as a foster. And soon , they found her the right forever home! See her today within the video below. 🙂