Abandoned Dog Sat On The Street Next To A Cardboard Box And Nothing Else

 The Chihuahua didn’t trust anyone — unless they had some food on them!

Hope Four Paws received the word of a dog who’d been abandoned on the road with nothing, so rescuers Joann and Katie began to assist. They arrived on the scene to find out her sitting on the side of the road next to a torn-up cardboard box expecting the sole people she ever knew. The Chihuahua didn’t trust anyone — unless that they had some food on them! 😉

Armed with a tasty cheeseburger, JoAnn was ready to lure the small girl over to her.Then she placed a gentle trap to immobilize the dog permanently.. After chatting with a neighbor who’d been feeding the dog for every week , they acknowledged he’d named her Frijoles!

Rescuers proceeded to urge the sweet girl back to the animal hospital for a checkup and much-neededbathingh. Frijoles was so thankful for the love and affection, and it had been LA Animal Rescue who’d take her in as a foster.Soon, they found her forever home!!See her in the video below today.. 🙂

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