Army Sergeant Reunites With The Puppy She Saved Overseas

When Sergeant Webb's tour ended sooner than expected, she thought she'd never see her precious PupPup again.

The scrawny black and brown puppy was the weakest of a gaggle of strays, and Sergeant Webb couldn’t stand to see her struggle. She jumped into action and began caring for the dog, who she named PupPup, raising her alongside her other responsibilities. An army sergeant saved a puppy while on duty

However, when Webb's tour ended before expected, she worried she’d need to leave PupPup behind. After bidding farewell to taking care of the puppy, the two formed an indissoluble bond. Webb reached bent Paws of War, a nonprofit that helps military personnel bring animals they’ve rescued back to the States, hoping that they might help PupPup. The army sergeant reunited with the puppy she rescued

“I’m desperately asking Paws of War to assist me bring my beautiful, helpless PupPup back to America with me because I can’t stand the thought of leaving her behind,” Webb wrote to Paws of War. “This spot are often very harsh to dogs and that I fear she is going to die if she is left behind. Plus, we've formed such a robust bond meaning everything to me. I can’t turn my back on her and would be forever grateful for the assistance to urge her home.”

Robert Misseri, the co founder of Paws of War, immediately started performing on PupPup’s case. “We got on the bottom while [Webb] was still serving,” Missouri told The Dodo. “She was a few week and a half from leaving, so we knew we had a really short window to urge PupPup.” First, they brought PupPup to a veterinarian to be vaccinated, then coordinated a family for PupPup to quarantine in until she could leave the country. After four canceled flights, PupPup was finally ready to board a plane to her new life.

When PupPup finally arrived safely, Webb couldn’t believe it had been happening. “She didn’t believe it until she finally showed up there,” Misseri said. “She has called me a day since and texted me that she still can’t believe that PupPup is together with her. She said that it might have weighed heavy on her heart if she'd had to go away PupPup there."

PupPup and Serjeant Webb have picked up right where they left off, and couldn’t be happier to be together. “They’ve become inseparable,” Misseri said.

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