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Baby Monkey Chased Away By Her Own Mother, Finds Solace In A Puppy’s Friendship

The baby monkey had nowhere to go after being attacked and rejected by her own mother. But a puppy saw the pain in her eyes.

 Mubi the drill monkey suffered the foremost traumatizing time right after her birth at the Port Lympne Animal Park near Canterbury, Kent.

Her mama, Yola, immediately rejected the sickly baby and kept attacking her constantly. Zookeeper Simon Jeffrey eventually rescued the poor Mubi before the attacks took her life.

Knowing that Mubi was banished by her own kind, Simon decided to require the terrified baby home for the night.

When Simon’s Jack Russell puppies, Iain and Daisy, spotted the pitiful baby monkey, they graciously accepted her as a neighborhood of the “pack” and commenced twiddling with her!

Over subsequent few weeks, Mubi blossomed into an enthralling and assured female child . She would hold close Simon while he finished his duties at the zoo throughout the day.

When she returned home, she would excitedly run to the puppies and resort to her “monkey antics” round the house!

Mubi and her puppy siblings are around 2 months old now, and their personalities have beautifully blended together.

In this video, Simon explains the intricacies of this baby monkey’s special care routine, and therefore the possibility of her being released into the wild.

However, the simplest a part of the video is Mubi’s hilarious couch adventure together with her puppy siblings!