Beaten Puppy Begs For A Refuge Once He Showed Up At Woman’s Doorstep

Finally he found the love he needed

Tijolinho, a poor dog, had suffered from human’s cruelty before finally seeing the brilliant side of life. The dog was found on the sting of death after being beaten by a gaggle of criminals, consistent with Patricia Prates, its owner from Aracruz. When it was discovered, Ticciolinho was very scared, thirsty and hungry.

Patricia, who usually leaves a bowl of water on her doorstep for the stray dogs to possess something to drink. But at some point, when Ticiolinho tried to drink, she found blood in the bowl.

So she found Ticciolinho, put it in, gave me a medicated bath and a warm place. She took it to the vet the next day, where she also gave her a better medicated bath.

The woman then decided to adopt the dog to offer it the love and care it needs. Thankfully, Tijolinho is now doing a great job in the forever home surrounded by Patricia's enthusiasm. What a cheerful ending!

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