Couple Raise Puppy Like Their Own Child, Then Abandon Her In Middle Of Nowhere

 The dog watching her parents leaving her behind and driving away made me bawl my eyes out. No dog deserves this.

There’s a definite pattern seen among families who abandon their newly adopted puppies.

What starts as a fascination for a puppy’s “cuteness” tragically ends in frustration over not having the ability to “handle” the puppy’s needs. Sadly, this dreadful cycle is ominously replicated in thousands of households across the world.

The video below may be a creative effort by filmmaker Zsófia Zsemberi who aims to boost awareness about the plight of abandoned dogs and puppies.

Aptly titled “Gift,” this short film uses powerful symbolism to drive home the message of the pain and trauma endured by dogs who are abandoned by the humans they love and trust.

This video starts off with a family adopting the sweetest girl and vowing to form her a permanent a part of their lives. For the primary few days, the small girl is simply a sort of a “gift” who enriches the family’s life with her innocent charm and affectionate demeanor. But with time, the allure of the gift “wears off” and therefore, the girl becomes a liability to the family who made big promises to need care of her.

Without divulging much into the progression of this story, we must admit that the harrowing end is one among the foremost gutting visuals we've ever seen. The harsh reality is that folks often treat dogs as “toys,” and forget that they're also living souls with feelings. This video has left us in tears and that we hope it reaches every one who thinks it’s okay to dump their pets. Click on the video below to observe how an indifferent family destroys the poor soul they promised to like.

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