Dog Attends Mass Every Day Where His Owner’s Funeral Was, Hoping She’ll Return

 He was a puppy when she rescued him and they had a very strong bond.

Seeing a dog getting to a church isn't something that comes abreast of the radar a day. Within the village of San Donaci near Brindisi, Italy, however, it's a standard occurrence. A seven-year-old German shepherd named Tommy goes to mass daily and sits near the altar while the service takes place. Everyone who attended that church knew the dog, and they hoped to find him there. it's the reason why he's visiting that's heartbreaking.

Tommy may be a seven-year-old German shepherd who belonged to 57-year-old Maria Margherita Lochi. She found him abandoned in fields near her home and adopted him. He was a puppy when she rescued him and that they had a strong bond.

According to the DailyMail, Ms. Lochi died a couple of months ago and ever since that point, Tommy has been expecting her to return. The last place he saw her was at the church while attending her funeral service. The dog now returns every day and comes when he hears the mass bell ringing and waits until the services are completed before leaving.