Dog refuses to leave the grave of his little brother who was run over

Family will always be a family, and not even death can break this strong bond. This reality doesn't only apply to human relationships. But it also affects other species, and dogs are worthy exponents of this beautiful bond.

In Singapore, a furry guy named Teh-O is showing that true love goes beyond this world. And as well as his story, he has revealed his noble heart.

This dog is as beautiful as he's intelligent and loving.


On February 3, The-O lost one among his younger brothers, little Kopi-O. He died from injuries sustained when he was running over by a fleeing taxi driver. The two-year-old siblings lived in the Ubin community and were highly regarded by all. Although the furry one was taken to the hospital, he suffered fatal injuries that caused him to cross the rainbow to the afterlife.

Kopi-O has become a member of the island’s guide dogs. The local residents were moved by the puppy’s departure and, alongside his owners, Nini and Tua Tao decided to offer the dog a well-deserved burial.

In a field surrounded by flowers and with a tombstone, Kopi-O’s body lies. The funeral was attended not only by humans but also by his younger brothers Teh-O and Teh-C. The three puppies belonged to an equivalent litter and did everything together, so the puppy’s departure affected his younger brother Teh-O such a lot. Rest the forever little friend.

The story of those furry animals was shared on Facebook by Terence Tan, a lover of the puppies’ owner. Since the publication during which he reported the death of Kopi-O, the messages of solidarity haven't stopped coming. “He was a very adorable puppy, super friendly, a real Ubin star,” wrote one user.

“I remember fondly, he followed my son until we boarded the boat back from Ubin. Sweet boy. Rest in peace,” reported another person on Facebook.

The inhabitants of Ubin went from sadness to amazement once they discovered the grief that the noble Teh-O carries in his heart. The dog missed his brother very much.

So far, this month, this puppy has not left his brother’s grave. Neighbors saw Teh-O lying in the dirt covering his brother’s lifeless body. It seems that the dog misses him considerably and refuses to simply accept his departure. If the death was a tough blow for the inhabitants of this community, it's even sadder to find out the pain of the poor little animal that now can’t stop crying for its companion in adventures. Kobi-O will not accompany tourists and locals on the island.

The one that ran over Kobi-O has not been identified, so she is unlikely to receive any punishment. But if she learns of this story, it'll surely weigh down her mind that she didn’t stop to assist the dog. Meanwhile, poor Teh-O lovingly takes care of his brother's dream that he will never wake up. Dogs are more intelligent and sensitive than many believe. Share this touching story of brotherhood and send the furry ones your deepest condolences.

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