Dog With Abusive Past Wouldn’t Look Anyone In The Eye, But Then A Woman Showed Her Love

For the first period of her existence, suffering was the one thing that Miley the dog knew. Born and grown up during a dog-fighting ring on the brink of Austin, Texas, Miley was forced to be a bait dog. Her mouth was constantly taped closed and wire was strongly wrapped round her neck while she endured the continuous strikes.

Then, in July 2017, she was dumped on the road with serious injuries on her back leg. Despite that she was only one-year-old, she had experienced unthinkable abuse.

These are the sad facts that the veterinarian gathered after analyzing every scar on her fragile body. The doctors weren’t there to look at exactly what went down, however, the marks revealed every aspect of the pup’s mistreatment.

Miley was found by an animal control officer, who later shared an image of her on the online posing for help, as long as the local shelter couldn’t manage to buy her back leg amputation. That’s when Amanda Holley saw the image on Facebook, and immediately picked up Miley that day. The pooch was free from danger for the first time in her lifetime.

“She wouldn’t even make eye contact and just kept staring out the side of her crate,” Holley shared. “I went out and purchased her a stuffed hedgehog, and once I gave it to her, she checked out me as if it had been the best kindness ever bestowed on her. From that moment on, she made eye contact and would take meds from my hand. She changed my life during a matter of hours.”

With the help of kind donations from the community, the funds for Miley’s operation were brought together within a few of days. Although Miley will live with her family after the operation, Holly must stay in touch.touch. Which moment arrived only a few of months afterwards when Miley’s family unexpectedly had to relocate. She contacted Holley, who by this point had relocated from Austin to Baltimore, Maryland. Holley mapped out to urge Miley moved to Baltimore — and she or he arrived home a couple of days before Christmas.

“I only had her for twenty-four hours that at some point [when she was first rescued] and that I had no idea if she would remember me,” Holley shared. “She wouldn’t stop wagging her tail and was so excited to ascertain me again.”

With her clean slate in life, Miley is hooked in to all things. she’s still learning how to use toys, she enjoys being around other pets and humans. Holley says that “Miley’s favorite thing to try to is meet people” which she has already made tons of friends, both dogs and other people . “She won’t go many steps on our walks without saying hello to someone.”

Although she was raised in an environment during which people and other dogs simply hurt her, it’s obvious that Miley only wanted to seek out somebody who loved her. “Miley is woman during a dog’s body,” Holley shared. “She lives proof of the principle that only love can save the planet .”

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