Everyone Has Their Own Superhero. For This Soldier, It Was These Three Dogs

 When Duke returned home, he couldn’t stop thinking about the dogs that saved his life. This is his story:

When we move to a replacement place, we always hope for the locals to be kind, generous and friendly. When Sergeant Chris Duke was serving his country in Afghanistan, he happened to meet three lovely locals. These locals were three stray dogs – Sasha, Target, and Rufus. But these dogs are very friendly. They ended up being lifesavers.

One night, when a terrorist tried entering Serjeant Duke’s barracks, Sasha, Target, and Rufus started barking fortissimo and attacked the intruder before he could perform his plan. Unfortunately for the dogs, the bomber blew himself up. This left the three dogs badly injured, but that they had saved over 50 soldiers from certain death. Sasha was gravely wounded and had to be put down. But Target and Rufus were nursed back to health.


When Duke returned home, he couldn’t stop brooding about the dogs that saved his life. He wrote a letter to a veteran’s aid group called ‘Hope For The Warriors’ during which he requested their help in bringing the dogs to the USA to measure. The organization, moved by this especial request, helped raise over $21,000 and managed to bring Rufus and Target to America and reunite them with Duke. Their reunion is one that's bound to tug at your heartstrings!

To watch the beautiful reunion between the soldier and his savior, check out the video below.

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