Family Dumps Their Senior Dog At Shelter, But She Still ‘Lit Up’ As Adopters Pass By

 They dumped their 17-year-old  as they know that they will not have much time with her.

This story speaks a few 17-year-old dog called Betty; whose family surrendered her to a shelter as they didn't want her anymore.

It is known most of the people don't know wish to adopt senior dogs as they need have much time with them. So, it means Betty will stay in the shelter, but when someone adopts her, everything changes.

A woman called Belen called Mark, her boyfriend, and asked him if they might foster Betty so that they visited the shelter and took Betty home with them. At first, Betty was somehow nervous as she walked around and wouldn’t eat.

She even hid in the corner with a frustrated expression, but her new owner knew they could help her by giving her a hot bath to settle her down.down. Betty then got 2 beds, a plushie bed that was too small for her, and an orthopedic one that might accommodate her joints.

The second day, it had been obvious that Betty started becoming better. Thankfully, a few days later she started to adapt completely, and she or he even liked her new adoptive parents very much.lot.

After sharing her story, they received many calls from people that wanted to adopt her but they decided to not send her to any home and to adopt her by themselves. What a cheerful ending!

Watch the video below.

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