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Little Girl Trudges Through Heavy Snow To Get Help For Her Sick Dog

“She’d wrapped her dog up and brought him to me on her back.”

The other day, veterinarian Ogün Öztürk was called to alittle village in Turkey to attend to a client’s cow. He hadn’t planned on staying long.

But what began as just a routine visit ended together Ogün won’t soon forget.

After wrapping up the work he’d come for, Ogün was close to leave the village. Before he did, however, something within the distance caught his eye.

There, trudging toward him on a path thick with snow, was a touch girl. and she or he wasn't alone.

On her back was a pup.

Evidently, word had gotten around that a vet was in town — which presented a chance which the girl, 8-year-old Cemre Su Türköz, refused to pass up.

Cemre’s dog, named Pamuk, had fallen sick. wanting to get him help, she decided to hold Pamuk quite a mile from her home to the spot she’d heard that Ogün would be.

“When I first saw them, i used to be very surprised and touched,” Ogün told The Dodo. “She’d wrapped her dog up and brought him to me on her back.”

Ogün, of course, couldn’t turn Cemre and Pamuk away. While the small girl looked on, concerned, Ogün performed a checkup.

Fortunately, the dog’s sickness wasn’t only too serious. Ogün found Pamuk just had some minor skin issues that were making him uncomfortable, but which could easily be treated.

“When Cemre heard that her dog would be fine, she was very happy,” Ogün said. “I applied external parasite medications to Pamuk. he's now enjoying himself again, healthy and happily.”


The little girl and her dog had gotten help. But they also got a lover .

Ogün has been back to village to see in on Cemre and Pamuk, ensuring that they never got to brave the snow again to urge whatever help he can provide. It’s the smallest amount he could do, considering the trouble she’d put in to seek out him.

“It made me very happy that an 8-year-old girl behaved during this way with such a loving heart,” Ogün said.

Ogün didn’t charge Cemre for his services that day. Just seeing her love and devotion to Pamuk was the simplest payment he could invite .

“The incontrovertible fact that an individual at such a young age exhibits this behavior gives hope to humanity,” Ogün said. “With all that’s happening within the world, there’s still hope. Cemre showed us that the sole truth within the world is love.”