Man Sleeps With 600 Rescue Dogs To Keep Them Warm At Night

 He hopes to someday give the dogs the shelter they deserve.

Dejan Gacic is an angel in disguise. He noticed all the homeless dogs in Serbia and decided to assist them in any way possible. 10 years ago, his mom founded the Vucjak Shelter to supply a secure space for all the “unwanted” dogs within the area. So, after she gave up the ghost , Gacic took over the shelter to stay saving as many dogs as possible. However, he soon found it impossible to show down any dogs in need. This caused his shelter to grow much larger than he had anticipated. He won't have as many resources as he’d hoped, but he continues to try to to everything he can to save lots of lives.

Nearly a day , Gacic brings a dog home with him. Sometimes he finds dogs alone on the streets and other times, people drop them off on his property. no matter how he finds them, he can’t say no to them. He knows that if he doesn’t take them in, they’ll likely be euthanized.

The dogs have an outsized outdoor space to frolic in and a wooden house for shelter from the weather. However, there are currently over 600 dogs in Gacic’s care, so it’s not enough to accommodate all of them, especially within the cold winter months. In Serbia, the winter weather can stretch from November all the way until May.

On the coldest winter nights, Gacic does everything he can to stay the dogs warm. Inside the shelter, he features a stove to start out a fireplace . However, the hearth can only do such a lot to stay the dogs warm when it’s below 0 degrees Fahrenheit outside. So, Gacic often sleeps within the shelter with the dogs. He found that body heat is that the best thanks to keep all of them warm during the cold winter nights.

“It’s nice to ascertain them snoring and sleeping because i do know we survived another day,” said Gacic.

How to Make Difference

Gacic does such a lot for these dogs on his own. His shelter won't be the perfect environment for them, but it’s far better than them living alone on the streets or being euthanized. Plus, he continues to boost money in hopes of improving his incredible organization even further.

“We got to build a winter shelter. that's what we'd like the foremost ,” said Gacic.

The current shelter for the dogs doesn’t even have a door. If it’s raining or snowing, the dogs need to sleep on the wet floor. Luckily, Gacic has plans for a correct structure for the dogs, but it definitely won’t be cheap. However, his goal is to eventually find how to offer the dogs the sturdy, protected shelter they deserve.

If you would like to assist Gacic give of these dogs a far better life, please visit the shelter’s Instagram page. within the page’s bio, he provides some links for tactics to donate to his shelter. Every donation can make an enormous difference for the many dogs in his care. Gacic will always be by their side to guard them and keep them warm, but he still needs all the support he can get.

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