Monster Shoots Dog Point-Blank, Smacks Her With A Hammer To “Finish Her Off”

 Meet Bubbles, the one-eyed rescue dog taking a bite out of animal abuse, this is her story:

A 6-month-old Terrier mix named Bubbles was left stranded during a Houston neighborhood during Hurricane Harvey.

She survived for every week in the catastrophic flooding, but ended up being preyed on by a ruthless abuser. Some twisted thug shot Bubbles point-blank in the right eye, then tried to end her off by viciously beating her with a hammer.

Despite being left to die, Bubbles miraculously survived the evil attempt on her life. But by the time she was delivered to the Houston BARC, her wounds had started healing with the bullet still inside her. She needed 4 immediate surgeries to hold on, then the shelter transferred her to “Houston Pets Alive (HPA)” for further care. The HPA staff found that Bubbles’ injuries impaired her ability to eat, hear and see, so they desperately reached bent the general public to fund her emergency surgeries. The workers were touched as locals gracefully chipped in money once they were all struggling to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of the devastating hurricane.

During Bubbles’ high-risk surgery, the vet removed the bullet that was still lodged behind her ear. Later, sections of her jawbone and her right auditory meatus also had to be extracted thanks to the severity of injury . Thankfully, all her surgeries were successful! Pao quickly found a foster relationship with Kilyn and Fransisco. During her recovery, the sweet pooch would always try to hide her horribly disfigured face in her parents’ arms. But with time, she realized that her family accepted and nurtured her even as she is. In the end, Kilyn and Fransisco went crazy for Bubble and decided to keep her forever!

Bubbles’ had a couple of bumps in the road even after her adoption. To make the measurement easier, she underwent several more oral and eye surgeries. But at the top of the day, she bloomed into the happiest girl who was adored by her parents, human brother, and doggie siblings!

Today, Bubbles has become an envoy for downtrodden abused dogs. Together with her natural sense of empathy, the one-eyed pooch is looking into a bright future as a therapy dog. Her haunting past could be written everywhere face, but she certainly may be a symbol of hope and positivity in dark times! Click the video below to see how Bubbles left her tormenting past behind and blossomed into a spirited survivor. WARNING: Some viewers could also be sensitive to the content of this video.

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