Nice Restaurant Owner Prepares A Free Meal For Every Stray Dog Who Visits

 Ultimately, Ortiz's sweet routine of feeding all the stray dogs who visit does more than keep them from being hungry.

One evening, five years ago, an unexpected customer dropped by Gerardo Ortiz’s restaurant, Ajilalo, in Peru. It had been a stray dog, a glimpse of hunger in her eyes. Ortiz could have easily turned the dog away. But he didn’t.

That evening, Ortiz offered the dog a free meal, made only for her. And thus began an adorable tradition that continues to this day.

Each evening, from then on, the hungry dog came and received a free meal from Ortiz’s restaurant. But it didn’t take long for a word of Ortiz’s kindness and generosity to spread among the community of local stray pups. More dogs followed, and the first visitor, Ortiz, welcomed them with a meal.

Nowadays, numerous stray dogs arrive to the doors of Ortiz's restaurant each night. Many are regular "customers," while others are first-timers — all hoping to fill their bellies with Ortiz's kindness.

Often, as Ortiz is functioning , he'll search and see a replacement dog's face at the front — waiting politely to find out if the rumor that free food can be found there's true.

"For me, they're the simplest customers," Ortiz told The Dodo. And his human clients hardly think this is a trivial matter.small. InspiredInspired by Ortiz, they also often bring food for visiting dogs. "Thankfully, our clients have reacted well to the dogs," Ortiz said. "They are affectionate toward them." Ortiz's sweet routine of feeding all the stray dogs who visit does quite keep them from being hungry. It lets them know that their lives matter — a truth that Ortiz is happy to convince them each and each day.

"They don't pay us with money, but they pay us with their happiness and wagging tails," Ortiz said. "They are very grateful, and that we enjoy giving quite receiving. Since I used to be a toddler, I even have loved animals. My mother always taught us to assist others, both people and animals. She's my inspiration." Everything
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