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Owner Discards Disabled Dog In Landfill & Proves Human Brutality Is Limitless

 Her owner didn’t seek help for her legs that didn’t work. Instead, he left her in a pile of trash to fend for herself.

As the video below states, humans are often brutal. When one dog owner decided he had enough of taking care of his disabled dog, he cruelly left her during a landfill within the pouring rain.

The dog had no use of her back legs. nobody was sure initially what had happened to her but thankfully kind hearts prevailed just in time.

The dog was struggling to eat and drink. She was dehydrated and famished but couldn’t do much for herself. it had been time to urge her the assistance she desperately needed and deserved.

A rescuer, named Sonia, took her straight to an area vet clinic. She also gave her a reputation , Athens.

The vet was stunned by the dog’s condition. She was covered in wounds and really sick from not getting adequate nutrition or medical aid .

The pup was very weak but Sonia didn’t mind. She laid together with her and hand-fed her. What a touching moment! While there's evil during this world, there's such a lot good too.

Sonia pledged to Athens that she would remain by her side for as long because it takes. The vet recommended physiotherapy so as to strengthen her spine and legs.

In between sessions, Athens has got to rest tons but that’s okay, she’s doing great! She’s still at the vet clinic during the day and sleeps at Sonia’s in the dark . Sonia makes a superb foster mom.

Athens’s story remains on-going but she’s doing rather well . In fact, physiotherapy helps such a lot that she is in a position to face on her own! She even took a couple of steps and everybody clapped for her.

It sickens us that anyone would discard a dog like this. Dogs are family and if for whatever reason, they can't be kept, they ought to be rehomed. Athens deserves better and now she is going to get that chance!

To see her incredible story and uplifting ending, check it out below. And please remember to always support local rescues, shelters, and fosters.

We are so happy Athens is getting a true second chance at life because of Sonia and a terrific medical team.