Paralyzed Dog Rushes To Welcome Her Soldier Dad Who Comes Home From Deployment

 Most touching welcome ever

The video below is one among the foremost heartwarming videos I have ever seen. In fact, the video of the dog welcoming the soldier when the soldier returns home is always emotional, but this video is a bit special.

The video below shows the paralyzed Pit Bulldog Emma, who was born with a congenital abnormality that made her walking difficult. Despite everything she has been through, she is so happy Even she has used many wheelchairs, but using them are some things she doesn't like.

You can see in the video below Emma welcoming her soldier daddy after returning from a six-month deployment. In fact, she ran over to meet him! Watch the video below.

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  • Anonymous July 12, 2022 at 12:56 PM

    What a shame


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