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“Road Kill Dog” Is Passed By For Hours, Woman Shuts Down Highway To Pick Him Up

Hundred of vehicles kept driving as he lay there. But when she saw the look in his eyes, she knew there had to be a chance.

 We all know that accidents happen. Sadly, once they do, people and animals get hurt. Some accidents can't be prevented but what we do after means everything. For this poor dog that was struck by a car, every second mattered. Yet, cars and pedestrians kept passing him by as he was obviously still alive laying there– and no-one stopped to assist him! We cannot understand why anyone would ignore a dog in need.

Thankfully, SARA, the Syrian Association for Rescuing Animals, got a call about the dog and rushed to the scene. They were an hour away. It broke their hearts knowing he had to get there that long, suffering.

The rescuers picked him up and placed him on a gurney and carried him to their vehicle. They drove straight to the animal hospital, knowing he was traumatized and during a batch of pain.

Upon arrival, he was given medication including pain killers. They gave him a reputation , Sassuki. In time, the brave pup perked up. He slept tons but when he was awake, he enjoyed the corporate of his caregivers. He even got his appetite back! His favorite food is turkey! He had to find out the way to drink water from a bowl too. This certainly proved that he had never been kept as a pet. It’s so heartwarming watching him lap the water after learning it had been okay to drink.

Sassuki continues to find out and accept the kindness of humans. He likely never had that before. because the days pass , he continues to urge such a lot stronger.

The vet says he’ll be paralyzed in his back legs for the remainder of his life, but the great news is that he are going to be fitted for a wheelchair and live a traditional , happy life. Sassuki’s transformation is nothing in need of a miracle! and that we have SARA to thank for that! Watch his rescue within the video below and don’t forget to pass it along. No dog deserves to be left to suffer! Every life is precious and price every effort!



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  1. Why are all your videos "not available"? Why is the internet taking them down?


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