Senior Dog Found Starving And Defeated, Couldn’t Stop Wagging His Tail When Rescued

 He used to keep his head down after being rescued, but few weeks later

This story tells of a skeleton named Holden who was only 22 pounds in an overcrowded shelter after being taken away by the police in a drug raid.

The shelter had no space when Holden arrived so they put out a plea for help saying that he should be a minimum of 14 Ibs, but he's only 25 lbs. He was with great care hungry and trying to possess anything to eat even from the cat chow in the cat kennels.

As there was no space, the shelter had to leave him in a large comfortable blanket in the air intake area. So, he should be out of there. The shelter decided to seek out an area of him out of the shelter as he was very friendly and well mannered.

That’s when the ten-year-old Labrador mix was taken by Releash Atlanta. After taking them, he was examined and that they knew that he had a 7-pound tumor! The tumor was affecting basic life functions like breathing and eating which made them very difficult for him because it was attached to his spleen

Thankfully, he underwent a successful surgery and still wagging his tail over and once again despite his head was still hung low. Happily, he was then fostered by a really experienced rescuer called Melissa Lentz who was very happy to need him home with her.

Holden hunched over on his car ride over to home as he was still scared and tired. Then, Holden starts gaining weight again, and he will stay there until he finds a forever home.

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