She Guarded His Shaking Body While They Tried To Beat Him All Over Again

His yelps echoed in the middle of the night. The woman ran to him, covered him with a blanket, and let them hit and kick her until help arrived. Let’s applaud this brave woman for risking her life.

Animal abuse isn’t even illegal in other countries. Isn’t that mind-boggling? TheThe lack of laws to protect animals will only perpetuate more violence. If they’re not held accountable, in their warped minds, they think it's acceptable. This is often why we share these stories! Because it's NOT okay! This poor dog was beaten terribly for no reason whatsoever. AA lady overheared his screams and rushed over. She brought him a blanket and called the local animal rescue. She was then forced to place herself in harm’s way when the abusers came back to beat the dog again.

She wouldn’t allow the lads near and guarded him close until help arrived. They even beat her because of her involvement. But she didn’t care! The poor dog continued to yelp. Fortunately, rescuers arrived quickly and asked him to go to their shelter. They named him Souki. Because Souki doesn’t understand what's happening to him and he’s during a lot of pain, he bears his teeth and tries to bite his rescuers. It’s okay, Souki, we understand.

Rescuers need to wait for the veterinarian to return the next WithinDuring this period, they provided him with painkillers and antibiotics. For now, he's a touch easier. Souki is in a position to urge some sleep. The next morning, the vet races over. He took a radical exam. But it’s difficult because Souki doesn’t want to be touched. Again, we understand.

After his examination, the caregivers attempt to feed Souki, but he won’t accept anything. he's scared and traumatized. He doesn’t want to form eye contact and either stares at the wall or looks down. Poor baby!

Some time passes and Souki begins to understand that the surrounding people aren’t just like the abusers. He allows gentle but brief petting. He even accepted the foster mother who was sleeping next to him. He would cry in his sleep every single night. He finally stopped, because there is a person who loves him can be approached.

Souki has spinal cord injury and heartworm. The medical team will begin treatment to urge him as healthy as possible. He must heal completely, body and soul. Souki made a special friend and kept watching him.

Two months later, Souki was able to travel full-time and sleep with his family. He can sit and stand on his own. His fur has grown in nice and thick and he looks such a lot happier. He’s such a brave boy. Many thanks to all or any his rescuers and many thanks to the type woman who risked her own life to guard Souki!