Sightless Old Golden Retriever Is Dumped By Her Family, Now She’s Looking For A Loving Home!

Shelters are filled with animals expecting their happy ending and forever homes, some animals find it harder to understand that dream, especially those with special needs or disabilities. Many pets with disabilities are left in shelters by their families because they are doing not want to require on the responsibilities that pets with special needs bring.


The sweet dumpling may be a retriever from the Gold Coast in Australia, she may be a nice and sympathetic dog, but unfortunately she is overweight and completely blind, her eyes hurt, so they were removed. It was too much for the owners to require care of the dog so they handed her over to Labrador Rescue when she was 10 years old…

“I didn’t have the simplest start to life,” her adoption bio, written in Dumpling’s voice, reads. “I had some puppies over the years and that I guess my old owners didn’t need me anymore.” It is usually sad to see family abandon pets in shelters, especially older dogs, but despite the failure, the dumplings are doing well. Since joining the Labrador rescue team, she has lost 28 pounds .


Now, she is trying to find a home forever that will accept her as she is, because even more than that to her blindness, she is a tremendous sweet pet. Dumplings are great to eat with other pets. If needed, they are usually received separately.reception, if possible, she would love a house without stairs, but most significantly she wants a true family.

“I’m extremely sweet, charming and good natured,” her bio reads. ‘’I don’t need much in life just a pleasant warm range in which to enjoy my previous couple of years.” The dumpling has already been microchipped, tested for worms, desexed and updated on all its flea and tick treatments. We hope that the lovable baby will find a home forever as soon as possible, because she really deserves it.

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