St. Bernard Gets Stuck In Ditch For 18 Hours – Hero Dachshund Refuses To Let Him There

 Dogs have a lot a lot to teach us when it comes to being a good friend and putting other’s safety and wellbeing above your own.

Dogs have tons to show us when it involves being an honest friend and putting other’s safety and wellbeing above the. And this story is another example that dogs not only bring great companions but that they have hero potential. One dachshund’s persistence led to a dramatic water rescue of a St. Bernard, and ended up with him being hailed a hero by everyone who heard about his incredible gesture.

Razor, a touch dachshund was wanting to help his ally, Jazzy, who got trapped in mud, so somehow he alerted a passerby in Belen, New Mexico. The person knew, there’s something wrong so, he alerted the authorities.

Tim Chavez, the owner believes that his 180-pound Saint Bernard got stuck during a cold, muddy ditch and remained there for quite 17 hours until his much smaller friend, a dachshund, managed to steer firefighter and police to him. “It really means tons. You don’t really realize how attached you're to your pets until something like this happens,” Tim told KOAT.

Now, both dogs are safe and sound back reception, but things could are much different if it hadn’t been for the brave little dachshund alerting the authorities when he did. And don’t think the Saint Bernard doesn’t know that his buddy was the one who saved him. So, in return, he makes bound to shower him with affection and keep anyone who might hurt him at distance. YouYou want to be sure of this.

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