Starving Dog Found Emaciated In Basement Starts Her Own Bucket List Adventure

 She finally got to live for the very first time.

A Good Samaritan called the Humane CNY Shelter and told them about an emaciated dog who was during a cage the basement of a home alongside her son.

Therefore, Christine McNeely, the head of the shelter, called the local department of Syracuse for help. The police directly visited the scene and located a pit bull called Jada and Sonny, her son, in poor condition, so they directly took the dogs from their owners who were charged with animal cruelty.

The mama pit bull was directly taken to the veterinary center of CNY who said that she would have died if she wasn’t rescued during a few more days. Jada, who was covered in lumps and scars, was given many TLC and she or he began to feel relaxed after a couple of days.

Fortunately, she started sleeping well and gaining a pound a day, therefore, the staff decided to transfer her to the Humane CNY Shelter after every week of control feeding. But they decided to look at her for the last time after running some tests they found that she had carcinoma, which was huge.

Humane CNY said that she is going to die thanks to the cancer during a few months. Knowing that they decided to find a hospice home to spend her last months affectionately.amorously. But as she was starved and medically neglected and thanks to her age, they couldn’t do anything but trying to stay her comfortable in her last days.

So, they decided to make Jada’s Bucket List to offer her more great things. She scratched many things of her list and a few of them were going to eat frozen dessert and other one was to get on TV as she was met by a reporter from an area TV news channel.

Thankfully, she got many other things from her Bucket List and one among them was to find out her son Sonny, who is getting temperament tested and he is going to be available for adoption when he's ready.

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