Two inseparable friends are found abandoned in a park

 True friendship is like a solid rock that is impossible to break

Animals are extraordinary beings who never tire of impressing us. The love, dedication, and friendship that emanates from them aren't only unique to us humans. But they overflow to other animals like them, or perhaps, as in our next story, those of a special species.

Our story takes place in Rome, the capital of Italy. Where the pact of affection and friendship made between a dog and a cat has given the town plenty to speak about. And it’s that, contrary thereto old nonsense myth that believes that these two species are antagonistic naturally, this couple has become inseparable. They were abandoned in the park by their owners.

The white and beige puppy and his snow-white feline ally were spotted by the National Dog Defense League . “A story of friendship and love between a dog and a cat in the capitol. We hope someone can adopt them together. they're inseparable. Wrote a spokesman for the Italian organization that rescued them.

Wherever the dog went, the cat was with him, in the sun and in the shade. The dog then rewarded him by protecting him from other cats who sometimes tried to intimidate or push him away. “When other local cats tried to scare the kitten, the dog then shows up to defend him.” They added. In turn, the regular visitors to the park where these two friends were, upon realizing their presence, began to go away the plates of food.

In the end, a group of spontaneous collaborators decided to contact Emanuele Faloni. A volunteer from another animal organization, to undertake to rescue the homeless dog and cat. Faloni readily agreed to help. In order to achieve his goal, he built a special small cage. In which I put some food with the intention that the 2 would come closer and be ready to catch them without trauma.

But in addition to the cages, Emanuele also built small houses to shelter them. Although, at first, the animals were a touch suspicious, for not having appeared in the area for several days, the assistance of the residents was fundamental for the dog and therefore, the cat to return. The dog was the most to fall under the trap, and therefore, the cat, seeing that his inseparable friend was caged, approached to find out if he was alright . And, as a precaution, he went with him so as to not leave him alone.

They were taken to the vet, recovered, and meanwhile only lacked a loving family to adopt them and appearance after their well-being and happiness. Curiously, and to shut this beautiful story of friendship and mutual empathy, the rescue happened on February 14th, precisely on the Day of affection and Friendship.

Share this story with your best friends forever. Definitely, truth friendship shown by these two pets is a sort of solid rock that's impossible to interrupt .

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