Upon Seeing the Portrait of His Brother Who Has Passed Away, the Dog was Excited and is Still Longing for Him

The passing of a beloved pet will surely break an owner’s heart, especially if they need been with the family for several years. Animal lovers admit, when a pet has passed and another one was replaced, it just isn’t an equivalent . Apparently, the departure of Smiff, a dog that creates his family happy, really affected his owner Libby Davey, also as his younger brother, Frank.

Smiff and Frank during happier times.

After Smiff’s death, Davey decided to order a portrait painting of Smiff to hold on the wall of the house. Much to her surprise, it seems that the choice not only pleased herself but also pleased Frank who clearly missed his brother.

Smiff, running free at the beach.

When the painting has arrived, Davey immediately hangs the image on the wall, and she or he was shocked to ascertain Frank’s reaction as soon as he saw the painting.

“I think Frank knew that the painting was an image of his brother,” Davey wrote.

Frank clearly couldn't hide his joy and longing when he saw the portrait of his beloved brother.

Although Smiff is not any longer with the family, he will always be loved and remembered forever.

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