18-Year-Old Pittie Got Adopted By An Incredibly Good-Hearted Man

Even though all shelter animals deserve a loving home, we can’t deny the fact that senior dogs and cats are the smallest number likely to urge adoptive thanks to their age. It’s sad but true. Most of those pitiful sweethearts need to spend the remainder of their life during a kennel, despite what proportion love they long for.

Julep was an 18-year-old Pittie who just lost her owner, and unfortunately nobody therein family might be ready to keep an eye fixed on the heart-broken girl. When she came to the Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA), the staff was so worried about her bleak future as she was the oldest one that they’ve ever taken in.

The folks at HRA shared her story on social networks in hopes that this sweet gal might be ready to find herself “just a couch to sleep on and a person's to love,” and to their surprise, her charm immediately captured the guts of numerous people. This adorable doggo hit the headlines and her story was shared over 4000 times on Facebook.

That’s where the kind-hearted Wayne Lerch came into the story. Right after hearing about Julep, the person immediately showed up ahead of HRA’s door. Itlove at first sight. “It was like Christmas morning,” said HRA’s veterinary technician Geri Lee. “We’re happy whenever any of our animals get adopted, but it’s sheer joy when an older one finds a loving home.”

Wayne at first arrived on his motorbike, but right after meeting Julep, the biker immediately filled out the documents and rushed back home to urge his car. He couldn’t wait to bring the delightful pooch home. “I know she’s not getting to be around for very long but that’s okay,” Lerch said. “She deserves to measure out the remainder of her life during a loving home with somebody who’s getting to pamper her and confirm that she enjoys the last little bit of life she has.”

Wayne was still mourning the loss of his dear Pittie Jasmine shortly ago, and Julep, now named Tootie after his beloved Nana, was An ideal fit filled the vacancy in his heart.

“I can’t believe how lucky I'm to possess found her,” he said. “She brings joy to my heart and while I still miss Jasmine such a lot, Tootie jogs my memory that I'm a far better person for having her in my life.”