4 Senior Chihuahuas At Shelter Without A Single Tooth, Adopted All Together

 The 4 old unwanted dogs were on kill-list. Until one woman adopted them all together.

Julie Docherty volunteered to stroll puppies at a safe haven in Los Angeles as she used to be no longer very eager to an undertake a pet after moving, as that was once a first-rate thinking to get used to her new place.

So, when she went to the safe haven to walk her dog for the first time, she immediately fell in love with an 11-year-old Chihuahua named Momo and adopted it without hesitation. After realizing that this dog has many older dogs, she decided to raise three larger Chihuahuas.

Paloma, Choli, MoMo and Benito are 4 chihuahuas that are definitely ideal because they don't even have a tooth in their mouth. They do the whole thing together, like napping, playing, and sunbathing together.

Julie began to bring older puppies to her home to help them spend their golden years in a continuous home. What a first-rate woman!

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