Adorable Rescued Pit Bull Adopts A Kitty As His Own Daughter


It’s now not every day that one hears that a canine loves cats. In fact, the contrary is the standard case, however Bubba the rescued pit bull is having none of that, due to the fact he’s obsessed with kitties. This got here as a amazed when Bubba’s owner, Rebecca Pizzello rescued him at simply 3-months-old. Rebecca added her domestic dog near some kittens, and the rest, as they say, is history. Instant love.

Bubba is now 6-years ancient, and his dream has subsequently come true: he received a kitty for himself. Rebecca named the toddler cat Rue, and as quickly as she met the loving dog, they’ve been inseparable, so lots so that Rue right away fell asleep on him. “I assume Rue thinks Bubba is her mother and Bubba loves it,” shared Rebecca “He bathes her like a child and snuggles shut to her to make her comfortable. They will surely be a enjoyable duo to watch develop up together!”

Support Rebecca to provide this lovely duo with a caring family, and we can also simply say how dissatisfied we are with all these hugs!

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