Bait-Dog Spent Her Life In Dog-Fighting, Dumped In Crate And Chewed Her Way Out

 Gilly the pit bull dog suffered from horrifying life, and her pain was someone else entertainment

Fortunately, rescuers arrived the first time and observed terrible canines in the blood on the side of the woods! Unfortunately, the dog has deep wounds on its face, forelimbs, shoulders, neck and chest. All this is because of dog fighting.

This dog, once named Gilly, was dealt with immediately due to an accident that occurred in the mid-clinical phase of HRA. She will continue to be there until she is totally healed. Humane Rescue Alliance wrote on Facebook that she was so strong and sweet, but because her accident was so big, she hoped to have any other surgery.

The President and CEO of HRA stated that Gilly suffered a long period of extreme pain due to the fact of dog fighting. However, with the help of HRA, a $5,000 reward was provided to ascertain responsibility for what happened to Gilly. Contact Humane Rescue Alliance at 202-723-5730 if you have any facts that may also lead to arrest the people accountable for dumping Gilly. Watch the video below and Share it with your household and friends

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