Cop Climbs Down Steep Canal Wall To Save Injured Dog Stranded In The Bog For Days

 The dog was exhausted, bleeding & malnourished. No one knew how long he was stuck down there. The officer didn’t waste a second and started descending down the slippery canal walls to save the wounded dog. Thank you, officer!

Ashley LaBrant, a Florida woman who crossed the chain fence around a canal near St. Petersburg, felt something was wrong.

Ashley appeared on the fence, used to be activated, and found a malnourished dog whimpering quietly while trying to climb the steep embankment. Ashley noticed that the dog had been injured, and immediately knew that he should have been trapped there for several days. She gave an emergency name to Pinellas Park Police Department and stored an eye on the terrible dog. Soon, Officer Fox arrived and assessed situation.

Officer Fox knew that the canine wouldn’t continue to exist in the soiled swamp lots longer. Without delay, he crossed the fence and began to hike along the steep embankment.

He walked through the entangled weeds with pain, and then reached out to the distressed dog! The canine was once bleeding from his paws also used to be very weak, so the officer carried him all the way out to safety! The canine used to be taken to the neighborhood hospital, where a rapid microchip test published that he is a lacking canine named Flip Flop!

With the joint efforts of Ashley and Police Officer Fox, this anxious dog was lucky enough to be reunited with his family. What a candy rescue! Let’s maintain our eyes out for helpless animals whilst visiting through far flung spots! Thank you, officer!

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