Couple Gets Pulled Over And Hands Cop Adorable Puppy They “Don’t Want Anymore”

The dog used to be only six weeks old, too young to be separated from its mother. The officer added him to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, a close by animal shelter. The refuge agreed to take him in and supply him the desirable care he needed.

Buddy used to be a happy, naughty puppy, and everyone in Haven cherished him. They determined to title him Buddy, which is becoming due to the fact he was very friendly.

While Buddy’s story is a unhappy one, it is no longer an especial one. Sadly, many puppies are offered and offered online and discarded by means of their proprietors when they don’t prefer them anymore. Pets are a lot of work, and it’s necessary for humans to do their lookup earlier than shopping for one.

Sean Welland, head of resettlement and welfare at Old Windsor in Battersea, said people should make two assumptions about buying animals via the Internet. It’s extraordinarily effortless to buy a canine online, however the care that comes subsequent is greater than they realize. “It’s then animal rescuers, such as Battersea, that are left to choose up the pieces,” Welland says.

Fortunately, Buddy found a home without any trouble and was adopted by a caring family a few days after entering the shelter.

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    I don't know who writes your text but their command of English is abysmal!

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